recommended classes

The subset of my Princeton schedule that I wholly recommend to other students

In the order in which I took them

Freshman Fall:

Freshman Spring:
THR 302: Interdisciplinary Theater (Rinde Eckert)
COS 217: Intro Systems Programming (Vivek Pai)

Sophomore Fall:
COS 326: Functional Programming (David Walker)

Junior Fall:
COS 451: Computational Geometry (Bernard Chazelle)

Junior Spring:
GER 211: Media Theory (Devin Fore)
STC 209: Transformations in Engineering and the Arts (many professors)
CWR 349: Screenwriting (Christina Lazaridi)

Senior Fall:
VIS 415: Advanced Graphic Design (Interface) (David Reinfurt)
VIS 216: Graphic Design: Visual Form (Gestalt) (David Reinfurt)

Senior Spring:
VIS 212: Analog Photography (Jeff Whetstone)