These are the texts, talks, games, and other things that I’ve been thinking about lately (at time of posting).

added 12/18/18:

Liz and the Blue Bird - Kyoto Animation Dir. Naoko Yamada

Bennett Foddy on the pitfalls of perfectionism - Bennett Foddy with Brandon Stosuy

added 11/1/18:

Spiral - Laurel Schwulst

Lady Bird - Dir. Greta Gerwig

Yama no Susume - 8-Bit Dir Yusuke Yamamoto

receipt king - thecatamites

The Tragedy of GJ237b - Caitlynn Belle and Ben Lehman

added 6/2/18:

The Tombs of Atuan - Ursula Le Guin

Houseki no Kuni - Haruko Ichikawa / Studio Orange

Tone Control Episode 24: Bennett Foddy - Bennett Foddy and Steve Gaynor

NYU Game Center Lecture Series Presents Zach Barth - Zach Barth with Frank Lantz

Naomi Clark on systems thinking and social responsibility - Naomi Clark with Keith Burgun

added 1/8/18:

Pacy Pacy Push - thecatamites

Made in Abyss - Akihito Tsukushi / Kinema Citrus

Attack on Titan S1 - Hajime Isayama / Wit Studio

Their Story - Tan Jiu

Horizon Zero Dawn - Guerrilla Games

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy - Bennett Foddy

added 10/17/17:

In Praise of Sticky Friction - Tim Rogers

Butterfly Soup - Brianna Lei

futures market - thecatamites

Nier: Automata - Platinum Games Dir. Yoko Taro

XCOM 2 - Firaxis Games

added 7/20/17:

Game Texture and Liminal Spaces - Jonas Kyratzes

17776: What football will look like in the future - Jon Bois

Against Design - Frank Lantz

Double Futures - Frank Lantz

added 6/25/17:

Princess Mononoke - Studio Ghibli Dir. Hayao Miyazaki
“Mononoke Hime” or “Ashitaka Setsuki” (project proposal) - Hayao Miyazaki

Salvation Mode: The forgotten joys of the screen saver - Zack Hatfield

Music Object, Substance, Organism - David Kanaga

Oikospiel Book I - David Kanaga

Where the Wild Things Are (film) - Spike Jonze

Lieve Oma - Florian Veltman

Me & QT: What’s Behind Tarantino Ditching His Leaked ‘Hateful Eight’ Script? - Brian Koppelman

A Cartoon About Sports - Molly Brooks

Violence Considered Harmful - Pippin Barr

Friday, 27 March 2015 - Natasha Lampard

The Bromeliad Trilogy - Terry Pratchett

Play Nice: Videogame violence meets the non-violent videogame - Joshua Trevett

On Despair, GamerGate, and Quitting The Hulk - Film Crit Hulk

Rice Boy - Evan Dahm

Gish - Edmund McMillen and Alex Austin

Touching Heroics in Alien Swarm - Tom Francis

Less Talk More Rock - Superbrothers

Fair Use - Chris Hecker

What it has taken me 33 years to learn - Justin McElroy

added 5/7/17:

Wot I Think: Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP - Kieron Gillen

Inconsolable - Superbrothers

Arcane Kids Manife$to - Arcane Kids

The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction - Ursula Le Guin

added 3/26/17:

Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture - Robert Venturi

Exercises in Style - Raymond Queneau

dump.txt - thecatamites

Everything - David OReilly

Emissary series - Ian Cheng

Adam Curtis on the dangers of self expression - Adam Curtis, interviewed by Yancey Strickler

Casual Games for Protesters - Paolo Pedercini and Harry Josephine Giles

“Press Forwards” and the pleasing death of agency - Robert Yang

On legacy systems and Kentucky Route Zero (Acts I-IV) by Cardboard Computer - Robert Yang

In the beginning there were variables and conditionals - Pippin Barr

Thumper - Drool

Uncharted series - Naughty Dog

Continuity and Change - Max Bill

Intuition and Ideas - Paul Rand

Pitching Feelings - Rami Ismail

Kafka and his Precursors - Jorge Luis Borges

A Tale of Two Jousts: Multimedia, Game Feel, and Imagination - Douglas Wilson

San Andreas Deer Cam - Brent Watanabe

Pokemon Go (Summer 2016 version) - Niantic

Six Memos for the Next Millennium - Italo Calvino

Scroll, Skim, Stare - Orit Gat

“Context Stinks!” - Rita Felski

and i made sure to hold your head sideways - Jenny Jiao Hsia

Packing Up The Rest of Your Stuff on the Last Day at Your Old Apartment - turnfollow

added 9/19/16 (initial list - less focused on present moment):

Tharsis - Zach Gage and Choice Provisions
Tharsis Design Video

Dominion - Donald Vaccarino

Magic: The Gathering - Richard Garfield

Imbroglio - Michael Brough

Imbroglio notes (1-6) - Michael Brough 
inventory management 
blood and mana 
when this
imbroglio friends 

2-player games - Michael Brough

Balancing Multiplayer Games - David Sirlin
viable options 
game balance and yomi

Nothing Beats Rock - Frank Lantz

Videogames Are Better Than Sports - Tim Rogers

Glitch Tank - Michael Brough

Rocket League - Psyonix

Super Smash Bros. Melee - HAL Lab

Chesh - Damian Sommer

Get On Top (Sportsfriends version) - Bennett Foddy

Wiggly Pong - Bennett Foddy

Desert Golfing - Justin Smith

Dark Souls - From Software

Minecraft - Notch

Corrypt - Michael Brough

Stephen’s Sausage Roll - Stephen Lavelle

Kentucky Route Zero (and interludes) - Cardboard Computer

Stop Crying About Choice - Joel Goodwin

Generation Lamp (GDC talk writeup) - Zach Gage

Interview w/ Electric Objects - Zach Gage

Sentences on Conceptual Art - Sol LeWitt

Monster Factory: What if Dark Souls Were Made of Pizza? - Justin and Griffin McElroy

Not a manifesto; on game development as cultural work - Robert Yang

Portal - Valve

Spelunky (game and book) - Derek Yu and Andy Hull; Derek Yu

Speed Racer - Dir. Lana and Lilly Wachowski

Morrowind - Bethesda Game Studios

The Metaphysics of Morrowind - kateri

Sword of the Perithia - Andrenik Sergoyan

Space Funeral - thecatamites

30 Flights of Loving - Brendon Chung

Knytt Stories - Nifflas

Room of 1000 Snakes - Arcane Kids

The Witness - Thekla

Starseed Pilgrim - Droqen

Pierre Menard Author of the Quixote - Jorge Luis Borges

Never Hate a Movie - Film Crit Hulk

Screenwriting 101 - Film Crit Hulk

On the Ending of Mass Effect 3  - Film Crit Hulk
a few words 
a few more words

Basic Animation Aesthetics - David OReilly

Preserving a Sense of Discovery in the Age of Spoilers - Jim Crawford

Saving Zelda - Tevis Thompson

Level With Me and post-mortem - Robert Yang

Dark Past - Robert Yang
On the immersive sim, mechanics, and mod communities 
On level design, hookers, cybernetic architecture, Tony Hawk and all that converges 
Letting Go of the Immersive Sim, of flu viruses, ghosting, and why we’re all Kate Winslets at heart 
The Useful Post (?) or Randy Smith’s “valence theory” of level design

Algebraic Surfaces Gallery - Herwig Hauser

Hearts and Minds - Frank Lantz

Life and Death and Middle Pair - Frank Lantz

Parley - Frank Lantz

Against Flow - Lana Polansky