Expanded and improved version of the critically acclaimed co-op shoot-em-up. Two new levels. Six new special weapons and shot types. Fully redone UI and general gameplay revisions.

My work included:
- Primary design and programming on boss of the Phobos level, The Matriarch, as well as various enemies
- Difficulty balancing to fit intended level progression
- Programming and design on several new player weapons
- Menu and UI programming, layout editing, PS4 rendering feature support, and other miscellaneous tasks

People liked the game!
"Brings about the rebirth of the aging shoot-em-up genre." - Game Rant
"The game arcade-goers dreamed of back in the 90s." - Twinfinite
"5/5" - The Guardian

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Flint Engine (C++, Lua)
Role: Gameplay Programmer; Generalist Developer
Final Form Games, PlayStation 4, 2015